Welcome to John Randel Homes! We are a family owned business that has been providing quality service and homes in Arizona for over 35 years.

We have always believed purchasing a home should be an exciting and happy experience for the homeowner and have developed our business model around that principle.

Our unique position allows us to join the two often-separated aspects of your project under one roof - ours.

  • Managing your Project Assisting the homeowner through each stage of your project and identify all the work that needs to be performed.

  • Discussing your unique needs
  • Finding and securing property for your new home
  • Choosing and designing your home
  • Obtaining financing for your purchase (if needed)
  • Ordering your home

  • Performing the Work JRMHS actually performs all the work/labor required to complete your project on time.

    • Preparing your home site
    • Inspecting your home prior to shipment
    • Shipping your home
    • Installation (also called setup) of your home
    • Utility connections
    • Obtaining building permits
    • Ordering building inspections
  • By choosing JRMHS, you enjoy the benefit of knowing a single company is ready to


    - for you!

    Jeff Randel - 602-531-4641
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